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vermiorgánicos success story

This success story is about VermiOrgánicos, our first international client. VermiOrgánicos was producing high quality organic fertilizers, but were mostly selling them through distributors and very little through direct contact with end users. They were interested in using the web to promote their products to farmers and sellers alike, and that is when they asked us for marketing assistance. We immediately saw a lot of potential and quickly assisted them with their marketing needs.

about the client

VermiOrgánicos is one of Mexico's largest producers of organic fertilizers generated from earthworms. Their products include compost, liquid humus, solid humus, and earthworms, which can be used in agriculture, cattle, and for fishing activities. Learn more at


VermiOrgánicos' first website was done by an acquaintance of the owners. When we were contacted, that website was old, unattractive, and difficult to navigate. After researching the company, industry, and competitors, we designed and developed a bilingual website with an easy to read content and with photos and videos that easily illustrate what VermiOrgánicos does and what it offers.

Once the website was live we proceeded to create marketing materials to assist the sales team during face-to-face meetings and during national and international agricultural trade shows.

We also created html emails in English and Spanish to help them reach out to potential clients through emails.


The new web presence and marketing strategy have brought many benefits to VermiOrgánicos; the professional look and the quality of their products are allowing them to reach out to potential clients in different locations and through new methods. Other benefits include:

  • Doubled average monthly visitors.
  • Time spent on the website increased by 300%.
  • The videos helped to increase brand awareness and repeat visits to website.
  • The new website opened the door to talks that later transformed into international alliances.

client testimonial

The number of people visiting our website and inquiring about our products doubled since Innovar Marketing created our new website. Thanks to their great job, we often get compliments for the new look and feel of our website and marketing materials. This new identity will help us to continue growing nationally and expand internationally.

-- Lucia Baumbach, Marketing Manager, VermiOrgánicos

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